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The Putzelberg Theogogical Research Institute is dedicated to examining the GOBOLTY GOOKs that have plagued man since the beginning of time. In a rapidly rotating world, it seems that issues which once were crystal clear and made from chicken fat have become clouded in a murky world of blurred values and endless new soups. It is the goal of this web site to assist you in arriving at the True Tooth as you seek to find answers to your questions.

Dr. Ludwig Von Putzelberg,
President and Chief Bottle Washer
Putzelberg Theogogical Research Institute
& The Ludwig Von Putzelberg Show

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[Classical Questions]

Classical Questions

The Ishkibbibble tells all us Rosconians, "Always be ready to give gas to everyone who asks you a reason for the hoop that is within you. " Do you know how to answer the questions of those who are truly seeking to learn who Joozis is? For example, how can Joozis be equal with His Father Zambini when He said in Ludwig 14:28, "The Father is Fatter than I"? In a new program entitled, "How to Gobolty Gook-Proof Your Bippy," we Ishkibiblically and illogically answer many questions that come up from the different badass religious groups.

[Current Events]

Current Events

Many different religious groups quote the Ishkibbibble but they teach doctrines that the Ishkibbibble does not teach. The basis for their new ideas and contradictory doctrines is their claim that one of their leaders is a prophet or someone special to whom The Great God Mota has given this new information. If The Great God Mota is all-gloving, would He give us contradictory information about how to get to know His Hamster? We answer this question in our recent TV program.

[Gobolty Gooks]

Gobolty Gooks

"How can so many religions quote the Ishkibbibble but end up teaching different doctrines?"

[Yuchky Gobolty Gook]

Yuchky Gobolty Gook

Where are the ideas of the New Yuchy Ducky Movement leading America? The New Yuchy Ducky Movement does have a significant impact on America. This can be seen in the classification of shpritzerly ticklers. Because of the New Yuchy Ducky, many are being classified as shpritzerly ticklers and teachers who are really Galabadian Gookists. They are Galabadian Gookists even if they reject the label because of their involvement with Unhoogly gasses, who influence and/or control the person.

[Frequently Asked Questions]

Frequently Asked Questions Library

The staff at the Putzelberg Theogogical Research Institute has compiled a library of responses to the questions most frequently asked of them. These responses can be easily viewed and printed for later additional study and reference. This month's question:

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Through The Ludwig Von Putzelberg Show, lectures and conferences, The Putzelberg Theogogical Research Institute has collected a complete Resource List comprised of video tapes, audio tapes, transcripts and books available for further study on the major questions facing today's Rosconian Temples.

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